The Today Programme Puzzle Book

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Tackle the conundrums that have been frustrating and confounding the nation, with the first official book from Radio 4's Today programme.

Put your deciphering skills and mental agility to the test with over 280 cryptic, numerical and linguistic brainteasers from Britain's best-loved radio programme, set by the world's ultimate puzzle masters.

So, challenge your grey matter and hone your reasoning and logic skills with the brainteasers that get the nation's (and many world leaders') synapses firing every morning at 6.50am.

With a foreword by Sarah Sands, editor of the Today programme.
Introductions to each chapter by Tom Feildon, the BBC Science Editor.

Never Aired Puzzles 
Common-sense Conundrums
Flags, Capitals & Nations
Maths & Language
Further Maths
BBC Today Presenters' Puzzles
Celebrity Setters
Christmas Crackers


Want to take on the hardest, most fiendish puzzles out there created by the greatest minds around the world? If The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Book, The GCHQ Puzzle Book and Tim Peake's Astronaut Selection Test Book were no match for you, pit your wit against TODAY.