Secret Garden Wild Gin

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The Secret Garden Distillery was founded on the outskirts of Edinburgh in 2012 by herbalist Hamish Martin. Nature is at the heart of everything the distillery does, from the way the botanicals are grown and harvested to the way the gins are sustainably packaged. With no chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, colouring or anything that cannot grow, it’s all about becoming rooted in nature — and producing top-quality gin.

WILD GIN The unique nature of this gin lies in the wild botanicals: bog myrtle, nettle, sweet cicely, yarrow, wood avens, Scots lovage, sweet woodruff and elderberries — mostly plants that people consider weeds, but infuse the gin with herbaceous natural flavours. Hand-harvested, indigenous wild botanicals are distilled with organic spirit to create this delicious London Dry gin. There are no added sugars, artificial colourings, flavourings or additives… just nature distilled.

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