Steepletone Memphis 3 Music System

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This is the latest version of the Steepletone Memphis audio system which is an incredibly versatile and compact piece of equipment with an impressive array of features to enable you to get the best out of your musical enjoyment 
Featuring a turntable, CD Player, cassette deck, DAB radio, Bluetooth receiver and USB and SD slots this unit has everything. 

The turntable will play all sizes of record - 7 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch and all speeds - 33, 45 and 78 rpm, the Memphis 3 has the latest pro-deck with S shaped arm and pitch control with strobe illumination to vary the speed if needed. It is also fitted with a "turnover" stylus for all types of record. This means that there is no need to change the stylus just to play 78's. 
The side mounted cassette mechanism allows playback of your old cassette tapes too. 

The really unusual feature of the Steepletone Memphis 3 is the DAB radio. This feature is not normally found on this type of system so this is a real bonus for radio enthusiasts. Enjoy all the digital stations in crystal clear quality. FM radio is also included for the occasional station that is not yet digital.

The Steepletone Memphis 3 features a recording to USB or SD card function. This allows you to record from Records, Tapes and even Radio to USB or SD Card thereby preserving your treasured recordings. The track separate button on the supplied remote control allows you to divide the tracks on the record rather than record them as just one long track. The USB stick can then be played back on the Steepletone Memphis 3 audio system or on any device that takes USB sticks. Plugging the USB stick into a computer would then allow you to make CD's from the recordings too. 

And brand new to this system is a Bluetooth receiver, perfect for streaming music through from your mobile devices to listen to on the high quality speakers.

Socketry on the unit includes a headphone socket, an auxiliary input socket (for MP3 players, iPad's and the like) and line out sockets which then allow you to play the Steepletone Memphis 2 through another stereo system although with the supplied pair of speakers the sound quality is very good indeed. 

Handsomely finished in black and silver with compact black speakers this unit will enhance any home.

- 5 in 1 Music system with MP3 recording feature 
- 3 Speed pro style record deck for 33, 45 and 78 rpm records of all sizes including LPs with pitch control and strobe illumination and flip-over stylus for 33/45 and 78 rpm records 
- CD Player 
- DAB radio to receive digital broadcasts 
- FM radio 
- Slot loading cassette unit mounted on the side for playback of cassette tapes      - USB port and SD card slot for recording of records, CDs, tapes and radio and also playback of MP3s 
- Track separate function when recording records 
- Headphone socket and line in socket on the front. 
- Rear mounted line out sockets 
- Pair of speakers supplied with 2 x 2w rms (10w pmpo) power 
- Dimensions: Approx. 172h x 318w x 285d mm 
- Each Speaker: Approx. 225h x 146w 160d mm