New releases in January 2019

Read on below to find out about some of the most exciting new releases this month - click here to buy any of the featured books.

Last Train to Hilversum, Charlie Connelly

A true love letter to radio, which despite the enormous weight of television still makes up an important part of over 90 per cent of Britain’s lives, in which Connelly explores the great joy that broadcasts have given us over the years.  Delving into some of the most outrageous personalities to have been on the airwaves throughout history, he also speaks to contemporary broadcasters and shines a light on the smaller, local stations.


The Oxford Illustrated History of the World, Felipe Fernández-Armesto

A collaborative effort between many leading historians under the guidance of Fernandez-Armesto, this history of the past 200,000 years on Earth is an incredible look back at how our world has been shaped throughout the ages.


Around the World in 80 Trains, Monisha Rajesh

In this funny, heart-warming travelogue Rajesh recounts the 45,000-mile journey that she undertook with wit and cheer. This vivid account of her 80 train rides and her fellow travellers details the wonders of the world that she encountered – and more importantly its people.


The Boy Who Followed His Father into Auschwitz, Jeremy Dronfeld

An inspiring true story based on the secret diaries of Jewish upholsterer Gustav Kleinmann, who along with his son Fritz was seized by Nazis and sent from their home in Vienna to Buchenwald. Upon Gustav’s subsequent transferral to Auschwitz his son follows to stay with his father, and despite the brutality and horrors that they were faced with, the love between the two never wavered – and was perhaps the only things that drove them to survive.


No Place To Lay One’s Head, Francoise Frenkel

The paperback release of this memoir from the journals of an extraordinary woman who fled to France after the 1939 Kristallnacht destroyed her bookshop, the first French one in Berlin. As she travels through France she is reliant on the kindness of strangers to protect her from persecution, finally culminating in an attempt to cross the borderland into Switzerland.

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