About Us

Radio Times turns 98 years old this year, and has been consistently providing our readers with the most comprehensive TV and radio listings every week since we launched in September 1923, as well as exclusive interviews and the latest news for all things television and film.

We launched Radio Times Shop with the aim to provide our readers with a variety of products that we think you will love, ranging from your favourite cookery books to quality record players, through Roberts radios and classical CDs. The products we offer have been chosen with you in mind, with some created by us especially for you, like our luxury leather magazine covers or our curated CDs.

We take pride in partnering with some trusted manufacturers such as Roberts Radio, Steepletone and Lifemax, to provide you with top-quality technology products at competitive prices.  Our customer service is run by our trusted partner Upward Comms.

For any enquiries please contact us at 03302 232 639 or email us at radiotimes@upwardcomms.co.uk.

For any enquiries about the magazine please email editor@radiotimes.com

For any enquiries about a subscription please call 03330 162 128.