July's Gardening Jobs: Essential tasks to do this month for a thriving garden

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July's Gardening Jobs: Essential tasks to do this month for a thriving garden

What To Do In July

With the arrival of sunnier days, July is a great time to enjoy and nurture your garden. If you’re looking to ensure your garden remains vibrant and thriving, here are several essential garden tasks for July. From tending to flowers and vegetables to exploring ground cover plants, there's much to be done!

July's Gardening Tasks

  • Deadhead flowers: This will help more blooms and prevent plants from setting seed.
  • Water regularly: This is especially important for newly planted plants and those in pots.
  • Fertilise:  Apply a balanced fertiliser to your plants to help them thrive such as this high potency, balanced soluble fertiliser!
  • Harvest vegetables: This is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor!
  • Control weeds: To maintain a garden's health, it is crucial to effectively manage the growth of weeds.
  • Mulch: Employing mulch serves multiple purposes, including suppressing weeds, preserving moisture, and enhancing soil quality.
  • Prune trees and shrubs: Take advantage of this time to trim trees and shrubs that require pruning.
  • Sow seeds: July is still a good time to sow seeds for cool-season vegetables such as lettuce, peas, and spinach.
  • Take cuttings: To take cuttings from any plants that you want to propagate.
  • Plant ground cover plants: These low-growing plants provide a carpet-like cover, to help prevent soil erosion, weeds, as well as conserve moisture. Keep reading for some of our tips and recommendations for ground cover plants!

Guide to Ground Cover Plants

When choosing ground cover plants, it's important to consider the following factors and remember the following tips:

  • Select ground cover plants based on climate, soil conditions, and maintenance level.

  • Prepare soil by removing weeds and loosening with a fork.
  • Plant at recommended spacing, allowing room for spreading.

  • Water well after planting and provide regular moisture until established.

  • Mulch around plants for weed control and moisture retention.

  • Prune as needed to maintain shape and prevent encroachment.

  • Monitor for pests and diseases, taking prompt action.

  • Fertilise based on specific plant needs.

Here are a few of our favourite ground cover plants:

Astrantia (Astrantia major)

Also known as masterwort, astrantia 'claret' is a charming ground cover plant with intricate, star-shaped flowers surrounded by bracts. It comes in various shades of pink, white, or purple and thrives in partial shade with moist, well-drained soil. Recommended by the RHS as a Plant for Pollinators, it'll encourage wildlife into your garden

From £9.99 plus p&p*

Hardy Geranium (Geranium spp.)

These low-growing perennials offer a wide range of colours and foliage textures. Produces masses of pretty blue/mauve flowers and was voted Plant of the Centenary at the 100th Chelsea Flower Show by the public and growers!

From £9.99 plus p&p*

Mexican Fleabane (Erigeron karvinskianus)

This delightful, spreading perennial is known for its dainty daisy-like flowers that transition from white to pink as they age. Mexican fleabane is a versatile ground cover that thrives in both sun and partial shade.

From £14.99 plus p&p*

Sedum 'Atlantis'

Sedum takesimense Atlantis ('Nonsitnal'), was The Chelsea Plant of The Year 2019, and is drought-tolerant, low-maintenance and very easy-to-grow - the gardener's perfect plant! Perfect as ground cover, or for filling in gaps between plants, the succulent leaves of Atlantis forms a spreading mound of rosettes, reaching around half a metre or so wide.

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