Steepletone Multiband Portable Radio World Receiver

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Enjoy listening to all your favourite stations when you tune in with this highly sensitive 7-band world receiver radio. 

Easy to use with its rotary controls for volume, bass and tuning, as well as a simple slide switch for your band selector, it combines practicality with quality. 

The helpful grab handles on either side and the adjustable carry strap (use as a handheld strap or extend to carry over the shoulder!) mean that you can take your listening with you on the go - and the six-section telescopic aerial ensures that you're able to pick up your stations.


- AC/DC Multi-band Radio
- High Sensitivity 7-Band World Receiver
- Large dual speed Fast & Fine Tuning Control
- Rotary controls for On/Off/Volume, Tuning and Bass (Min 0 – Max 10)
- Rotary Controls with Blue LED backlight
- 2 Band Selector Slide Switches
- Analogue Dial Scale
- Headphone Socket for private listening (headphones not supplied)
- Six section telescopic aerial (1.07m)
- Two metal Grab Handles
- Carry Handle converts to Shoulder Strap
- Powered by:
  - 230V AC Mains via detachable lead supplied, or
  - 6V DC Adaptor (not supplied), or
  - 4 x 1.5V/size “D” batteries (not supplied)

20cm high x 27cm wide x 8.5cm depth