Lenco DAR-051WD radio

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Lenco's DAR-051 is a radio that allows you to play your favourite songs in different ways. For example, this radio has Bluetooth® which you can connect to your phone or tablet wirelessly. It is also a CD/MP3 and USB player. You can use both the noiseless DAB+ radio function and PLL FM radio. In addition, the DAR-051 has a wireless charging point on top of the radio, which you can use to charge your smartphone wirelessly. 

Next to being a radio, Lenco's DAR-051 is also an alarm clock. You can even set a double alarm. Furthermore, you get a remote control with the device for effortless operation. The equaliser allows you to tune the sound according to your taste and room.

The device has multiple OSD languages. The combination of classic wood with modern black ensures that this device fits in any room. Lenco's DAR-051 Radio is an ideal addition to your home or office!


Key features:

  • Radio with Bluetooth® 5.0
  • DAB+ and PLL FM radio
  • CD/MP3 and USB player
  • Double alarm
  • Multiple OSD languages
  • Equaliser