Capitol 6 in 1 music system

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The Capitol music system brings an exciting array of features to the table. Listen to your music any way you like: on vinyl, CD, cassette, aux, USB or MP3, and tune in to the FM radio. The new feature on the Capitol is the capability to record from one CD to another – the twin CD drawers and one-button recording making this a breeze — or record from any other sound input onto CD too! There is a dual cassette deck with cassette recording, and you can record to USB/MP3 too.

A 3-speed Turntable with Flip Stylus & Auto-Stop Switch 
Twin CD Decks: CDI Play Deck-CD II player/Burner
FM Radio
Double Cassette Decks with record function
Records from Vinyl/Aux/ CD & Cassette to CD
Records to Cassette
Records to USB/MP3
One Button CD Recording
Connect Audio Player(s) to front Aux-in Jack (3.5mm dia socket) Large LCD Backlit Display
3.5mm dia. Headphone Socket