Britain According to Kaleb Cooper

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An entertaining whistle-stop tour of rural British traditions, from the bestselling author of The World According to Kaleb.

Ever wondered what goes down at a Tar Barrel Festival? Don't know your wassailing from your wife carrying?

Well buckle up, because Kaleb Cooper - star of hit TV show 
Clarkson's Farm and Sunday Times bestselling author - is here to take you on a guided tour of some of the UK's most eccentric rural traditions.

In his smash-hit debut 
The World According to Kaleb, we learnt how Kaleb feels about everything from existentialism to comb-overs, and why he doesn't want to visit the Mediterranean. In this follow-up, Kaleb casts his focus closer to home to examine what people like to get up to in the great outdoors. You'll go gravy wrestling in Lancashire, nettle eating in Somerset, and venture to Hereford for the significant occasion that is Best Dressed Stick.

Along the way Kaleb will muse upon enduring British traditions like Morris Dancing and country fairs with his trademark warmth and deadpan wit. For fans of Kaleb's unique perspective and amusing hot takes, this will be a must-read.