Friends and Family Assistive Technology - SOS Button

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We understand the value of independence. Our new mobile emergency button gives you your freedom, while offering friends and family the reassurance you can contact them ?no matter what?.

Small and unobtrusive, the SOS button uses mobile technology, allowing it to work anywhere there is a mobile signal. The neck or wrist worn SOS button automatically calls three landline or mobile numbers set by you, one after another until answered, then allows you to talk through the pendant.

Once connected, you can alert your friend or family member to your situation. They can take immediate action, whether it be to call the emergency services or a neighbour, or to arrange help with daily chores.

The button is powered by a USB rechargeable lithium battery, offering 30 minutes talk time and up to 6 months standby. You can be sure of an early warning when the battery is low with an indicator on the button and optional SMS alert. With SMS setup, the numbers and functions can be altered remotely to ensure the device is always up to date.

The pendant uses mobile technology and is bundled with a trial of the F&F Euro SIM PAckage, connecting to one of 148 networks across 62 countries to ensure the pendant always has reception and can call out in case of emergency. The bundle allows the user to understand how often they will need to use the pendant by providing free usage for the first three months. After the three month period, you can either continue to use the F&F Euro SIM for £10 a month or use your own SIM card.